Relieve your stress

Relieve your stress

Stress is defined as the body’s biological reaction in which several defense mechanisms face a situation which our body sees as threatening for our health. The way our body reacts to a stressful situation is part of the nervous (sympathetic) system, so its activation produces a reaction or “Escape” response. This report will Help you.
Text: Sandra Ubia (Doctor in medicine)

The word stress comes from the world of physics and refers to the fatigue and wear suffered by different materials. There are two kinds of stress: negative stress (or distress), and positive stress (or eustress). normally in our society when we talk about a person suffering from stress, we refer to it in a negative sense. “positive” stress would be that which constitutes a process of adaptation to a new situation which might be occupational, environmental or personal that is experienced with joy and enthusiasm, but which requires an extra effort; it is a temporary situation that almost always “ends up well”. stress is necessary for life, it is energy for life in part, but in the right amounts; in other words, in the right doses a little tension can help us improve our quality of life. by knowing how it works, learning strategies for self-control and knowing each person’s needs and how they react in specific situations, stress can be harnessed to improve each person’s potential. what’s more negative stress is the one we almost always refer to when we use the word stress in a more negative sense and is almost always associated with anxiety. negative stress or distress is that which exceeds our body’s natural balance, causing it extreme fatigue, greater irritability, anxiety and even rage. stress throughout time can have physical side-effects due to increased energy expenditure. regarding its physiopathology or operation, regardless of whether the cause is a physical or emotional source, our body reacts by pumping adrenalin, a hormone which in turn unleashes a whole series of hormonal and nervous replies throughout the body and which prepare us for the “fight” or “flight”.

Release factors:

The stressing factors are the situations which unleash the stress:

  • Not achieving previously planned goals or objectives.
  • Social pressure.
  • Experiencing a situation of social and personal isolation.
  • Having complicated personal relations: separation, divorce, partner problems
  • Perception of threat.
  • Certain illnesses and addictions.
  • Excessive hours at work.
  • Not disconnecting in the daily routine.
  • Not accepting changes or unforeseen events, and experiencing them exaggeratedly.

Tips to Reduce the Stress:

  • Look for alternatives to have an enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at lunch and dinner.
  • Do physical exercise: it is important to do exercise at least 2 or 3 days a week for 45-50 minutes and to combine it with yoga or Pilates relaxation-type exercises.
  • Plan your day.
  • Advice from a nutritional expert will help you to have a healthy diet.
  • Drink lots of liquids.
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine or stimulants with taurine, etc. Have just one coffee a day and avoid alcohol.
  • Devote time to yourself during the week.
  • A relaxing bath with salts after the working day will help you to relax and rest better.
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  • Learn to breathe well and work on your body posture. m

Controlling stress via Diet

All of the effects of stress in relation to diet are not yet known, but it is known that under these circumstances our body’s metabolism can be subject to great pressure. stress and anxiety can have repercussions on the immune system; the level of the defences falls and we are more vulnerable to disease or infection.

 The benefits of Garum Armoricum

With respect to natural supplements, we must talk about garum Armoricum; this is a food complement formed by the remains of fish gut obtained by controlled enzymatic autolysis. Amongst other components, it contains up to 25% in free amino acids, and omega 6 and 3 group fatty acids. The presence of these fatty acids works as a modulator of certain brain functions, which would lead to an anti-stress effect and a general improvement in psychological behaviour. different clinical studies made in Japan, france and the usA show that garum Armoricum significantly reduces stress levels and is a product that does not have the side effects or well-known interactions that are given by other pharmaceuticals. As for its benefits, it gives more repairing sleeping by increasing its quality, it improves the feeling of a better vital state, it increases general motivation in things and enhances concentration.

Anti-Stress Diet

  • Green Vegetables (Vitamin a): They strengthen the immune system. it is important to eat food rich in beta carotenes such as carrots and tomatoes.
  • Citrus fruit (Vitamin c): This helps in the production of adrenaline and macrophages, which are components of immunity.
  • Vegetables, meat (folic acid):We must eat spinach, wheat germ and red meat. it also strengthens the defenses.
  • Fish, meat and dairy products (proteins): Situations of stress increase the demand for protein consumption.
  • Blue fish (omega 3 and 6) Salmon, trout, tuna and sardines: Their omega 3 and 6 fatty acids loosen the blood.