Hearki Syrup


Contains botanical that help support healthy heart and cardiovascular function.

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Integral tonic containing the active principles of the white hawthorn fruit, enhanced by Avena sativa.

Red grapes and hawthorn to improve microcirculation and reduce fluid retention.

NaturHouse Hearki, thanks to its formula, acts as a micro-circulation and has a beneficial effect on water retention. It is especially useful for controlled diets, which aim at leg health and excess fluid reduction.

Hearki Syrup is characterized by the presence of red grape extract, rich in active principles, tonic and vasoprotective, which cares the circulatory system and positively influences vascular permeability, preventing swelling and swelling.

The hawthorn extract, rich in flavoinoid antioxidants, which helps to fight high blood pressure, helps to protect the cardiovascular system. It is an adjuvant in cardiac affections with nervous substrate and arteriosclerosis.

PROPERTIES: Contributes to regulate blood pressure in cases of excess stress; It is sedative and antispasmodic of the cardio-vascular nervous system.

INGREDIENTS: Concentrated Crataegus oxyacantha fruit (hawthorn), oat extract sativa, white grape concentrate, water, fructose.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: One tablespoon before meals 2 or 3 times a day.

PRESENTATION: Elixir of 250 ml

As dietary supplement take one tablespoon (15ml) 4 times daily, before main meals. Shake softly before using.
Uses / Function: Promotes weight loss caused by bloating and swelling from excess liquids. Contains botanical that help support healthy heart function.


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