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PANAKIBIOTIC is the perfect food complement to strengthen the immune system, it may prevent flu-like symptoms or respiratory tract diseases.

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PANAKIBIOTIC is an ideal food supplement to increase immunity, may help our body to prevent flu symptoms, as well as recover after long periods of illness and taking medication.

It may strengthen our defenses, may prevent colds , helping us adapt to changes in temperature and the season.

It is composed of propolis extract, echinacea, thyme flower extract, mauve flower extract, sage leaf extract and shiitake mushroom extract.

Propolis is a natural antibiotic that may combat infections, may decrease inflammation and may also strengthen immunity, so it is highly recommended for the prevention of colds and respiratory infections. Potent antioxidant.

Echinacea may prevent and improve respiratory infections, as well as cold or flu, may also relieve throat problems. Moreover, it may prevent the lowering of immunity due to stress or a lot of physical activity.

Thyme is an excellent mucolytic that may support expectoration. It may moderate the coughing spasms, as well as the illnesses of the respiratory system like colds and bronchitis.

Mauve flower extract may be very effective when treating colds and respiratory symptoms like dry cough, chest pain, pharyngitis, helping to soften the mucous membranes.

Sage is an excellent bactericide that may help with respiratory conditions.

Shiitake mushroom may strength the immune system with the production of interferon (proteins produced by the body for its defense against pathogens). In turn it protects against the spread of disease, strengthening the body's natural barriers.


Take 1 vial a day on an empty stomach, accompanied by water or juice.

Shake before using.

Water, fructose, saccharose, acidity regulator : magnesium chloride, antioxidant: vitamin C (L- ascorbic acid), stabilizer: xanthan gum, aroma, acidity regulator: citric acid
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Weight 47,3 fl. Oz
Serving unit vial
Serving size 1
Number of servings 14
Width 5,2 cm
Height 9,3 cm
Allergens Gluten free, Shellfish free, Fish free, Egg free, Dairy free, Soja free, Tree-nut free
Specialty Diets Non GMO
More Information
Amount per serving % daily value
Total Carbohydrate 2,6 g < 1%
Protein 0,02 g < 1%
Niacin 16 NE (mg) 80%
Vitamin B6 1,2 mg 70.60%
Folate 200 (DFE) µg 50%
Iron 2,1 mg 11.60%
Zinc 5,1 mg 46.40%
Copper 0,5 mg 55.60%
Apple concentrate (fruit) 775,2 mg --
Elderberry concentrate (fruit) 775,2 mg --
Propolis extract 191 mg --
Echinacea extract (aerial parts) 150 mg --
Mallow extract (flowers) 39 mg --
Thyme extract (herbs) 39 mg --
Shitake mushrooms extract (fruiting body) 17 mg --
sage extract (leaves) 17 mg --
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