Slimbel Crisolium

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Slimbel Crisolium is an ideal product for the stabilization and weight maintenance stages, once the proposed goals have been achieved. It is specially formulated with activators for metabolism and powerful antioxidants, may prevent stagnation through the production of free radicals generated in the burning of fatty deposits.

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Slimbel Crisolium is an ideal product for stabilization and maintenance phases after a weight loss diet. It also may help activate the burning of fat and the elimination of free radicals due to its antioxidant content. The capsule contains L-carnitine, Brewer's yeast, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), vitamin C, pollen, vitamin E, zinc oxide and sodium selenite.

L-carnitine may help to obtain energy in a more effective manner by activating our metabolism and promoting the effect of burning fat.

Brewer's yeast is a great metabolism activator, helping the cellular regeneration of tissues since it contains many vitamin B complex, which may help strengthen hair and nails. In addition, it contains zinc and is a natural source of biotin.

Rosemary is very rich in antioxidants and very useful in rejuvenating treatments, since it may help to neutralize free radicals.

Vitamin C, E, selenium yeast and rosemary create a powerful antioxidant complex that may protect our cells from free radicals and the damage caused by external agents.


Take 2 capsules a day, 1 before lunch and 1 before dinner, accompanied by a little water.

Capsule (gelatine, Food dye Titanium dioxide and Synthetic iron dioxide), cellulose and maize strach (as bulking agents), magnesium stearate (as lubricant)
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Weight 0,4 OZ
Serving unit capsule
Serving size 1
Width 2 cm
Height 9,4 cm
Allergens Shellfish free, Fish free, Egg free, Dairy free, Soja free, Tree-nut free
Specialty Diets Non GMO
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Amount per serving % daily value
Iron 1 mg 6%
Vitamin C 40 mg 67%
Vitamin E 9 IU 30%
Zinc 2,5 mg 17%
L- Carnitine 100 mg
Brewer's yeast 50 mg
Rosemary, aerial parts 50 mg
Pollen 10 mg